City Hall

Welcome to Waldport.

The City of Waldport is administrated by a City Manager in a Council-Manager form of city governance, in which the the Council sets the primary policy and budget, but hires a Manager to run day to day operations as the primary head of the city. It if the most common type of city government, with over 60% of the US using this style of city administration. The current City Manager is Dann Cutter, a US Navy Veteran and Oregon State University graduate, Mr. Cutter was born on the Oregon Coast, and has lived in Waldport for over 20 years, previously having served on the Planning Commission, Council and as Mayor. 

The City Recorder position acts as the parliamentarian and executive assistant to the City Manager. The City Recorder assures the timely presentation of formal communications from the public, other agencies and City staff to the City Manager, and/or the City Council. The Recorder prepares the Council meeting agendas in coordination with the City Manager. She officiates many of the city's public meetings and maintains official City records, which reflect the actions of the Governing Body. The Recorder maintains a depository of contracts, agreements and official Council actions and insures the timely availability of these records to the Council, public, other agencies and staff. Reda Eckerman is the current city recorder, and has been in the position for 26 years. 

The Office Manager position handles all incoming billing, phone inquiries, and coordinates the operations of City Hall, and ensures that all communications are recorded. The position is responsible as well for the functioning of the Municipal Court, and is the primary point of contact for issues and concerns for the city, ensuring these get passed to the appropriate staff. The City Hall Office Manager is Robin Morris, who proudly grew up in Waldport. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Dann Cutter City Manager (541) 563-3561 Ext. 7
Reda Eckerman City Recorder 541-563-3561 Ext. 2
Robin Morris Office Manager (541)563-3561 Ext. 1